insane itch in my anus

Anal fissure is the abnormal breakage or tear in the skin and lining tissue surrounding your anus. You can’t even reach your hand down there for a scratch and now you are wondering how do you cure an itchy anus? An itching anus is one of the symptoms for a condition commonly referred to as piles or hemorrhoids. A high-fiber diet is probably the most important consideration in the treatment and prevention of hemorrhoids. Firstly make sure that the food you are eating has a got a lot of fiber and green vegetables with leaves preferably.

Anal fissures are basically caused by the over-stretching of the anus from the passage of big and hard stool, and this is usually caused by constipation. Although it affects different people in many ways, some finding it less painful to stand others to sit.
Reduce intake of coffee, alcohol, and hot spices.

Hence, it is the fecal material which has not been cleared away that can be the source of itching to a great deal. This is to stop complications and to instantly stop you from embarrassing yourself and the discomfort it can give you. A number of kinds of foods may bring about a lot of allergic reactions which infect the anus. Can you imagine your baby having anal fissures? Can you imagine the pain and discomfort it can give?

How will you know if you have anal fissure? If you can feel a sharp, stabbing pain and can see blood while you are defecating plus you can feel the pain persistently for a period of time, then the possibility is, you already have anal fissures. It is really not a good thing and many people succumb to bad food poisoning caused by e-coli.
There are also some tried and trusted home remedies that you could try. A plain warm water enema is fast acting and relieves discomfort in most cases. Some common treatments or preventions is by taking certain preparations that will soften your stool or will act as laxatives. Sticking to these simple principles will ensure your stools are soft.

Blood in the Toilet

If you scratch your itchy hemorrhoid so much that it bleeds, you can get blood in your stool. Also, using chemical laxatives does not provide the healthful benefits that natural substances provide. Constant scratching will chaff the skin, make it dry and brittle and much more prone to splitting. Instead of chemical preparations, use a stool softener such as aloe vera or prune juice if constipation or defecation are a problem.. f you have an itchy bottom it could be that excessive flatulence or gas is irritating the skin. Although the amount of blood loss might seem insignificant, even a slow loss of blood will eventually result in anemia and its associated problems. With the right lifestyle and diet you can stop the itching together. If the blood is dark red, it can indicate a more serious problem such as an abscess, an anal fissure, a fistula, or cancer.. they will get more painful, more itchy and last longer. Almost half the population so it is not unusual to have them. What started out as just an itchy bum and sore hemorrhoids can end up with you on an operating theater table. So take some action now before it gets too late. Who wants to look at a picture of a hemorrhoid, not me! I think it is a private and personal thing and anyone with an ichy bum will agree with me.
So we have learned that it can be very sore if you keep itching. You can actually make your symptoms worse. It has made the itch worse. Do not let this happen, you and only you are responsible for the health of your body. You have just transfered the e-coli bug to your fingers, you make a fresh burger for someone and they get bad food poisoning. Stop eating fatty foods that can cause acid to build up in your stomach. So you lose your job all from having itchy hemorrhoids!

Stop itching

Stop itching, take some medicine or use some cream. Follow a prepared plan or system that will help cure your hemorrhoids. Do not spend your ife wandering around scratching your bum.

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