Don’t do this

I really think this information should be headed well. It can cause an end to your bad suffering. Well I hope it can. For me my friends it is too late. Alas i am beyond repair and am spinning into a deep void with no bottom. Itching to get another dose of cheap medicine I try to do that thing directors do. With their fingers, and make a view for a scene with some good treatment.

Never ever push a toilet brush up your anus. That is my advice. The initial pleasurable sensation is somewhat overpowered by the embarrassment of being wheeled out of the pub toilet past all your rather gobsmacked friends. I had an itchy anus I moan, and the hole place erupts in laughter and astonishment. And of course diabelief thay assume i was seeking some form of perverse pleasure. I wasnt i was mearly trying to scratch an itch inside my anus.

Probably caused by my hemorrhoids. Of course i was explaining this to the surgeon while he removed the offending article. he explaned I would need some treatment and would probaly see some blood in my stools for a few days.

But as to why my anus is itchy he had no answers. Just as I had no answers as to why there was a condom over the end of the toilet brush.

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